Worlds greenest packaging

100% biodegradable and compostable products, bags and sheets from vegetable starches, made in SIPA, Italy and certified by TÜV Austria, with OK COMPOST HOME and INDUSTRIAL certificates.

The SIPA Management Srl factory is the first in Europe to develop Packtato® products with 100% organic raw material content, also with regard to the colorants used.

We work exclusively with organic raw materials and, thanks to our own patents, have achieved a stable formula for the end products which, due to their organic composition and compostability, are a unique tool for a real circular economy.

Our products are among the few that have three certificates for composting and safety - OK Compost Home, OK Compost Industrial and Seedling Logo.

With the OK Compost Home # O 16-2163-A certificate, our packaging can be disposed of with household waste and does not have to be disposed of and sorted separately.

The presence of the Seedling logo # 7P2186 03 guarantees that our products are 100% biodegradable. We mainly work with the raw material "potato", which does not have a "GMO treatment" as compared to corn starch or sugar cane products.

In addition, there is a widespread tendency in the market for manufacturers to mix cornstarch with non-organic materials, which further detracts from and challenges their environmental friendliness. Our product is 100% organic and versatile.
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Worlds greenest packaging
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Biodegradable. In-house compost converted into humus in just 90 days

Renewable Resources

IMPORTANT: not only industrially but also home compostable

Antibacterial resistance

Waterproof and elastic

Low CO2 emissions during composting and production

EN standard 13432: 2000